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Who We Are

Empower. Advance. Support.

Information Technology Services supports, empowers and advances the use of technology to sustain the institution’s teaching, research and outreach mission. The Chief Information Officer is dedicated to collaborating with the various departmental, college and regional campus IT units in providing a rich, integrated and secure electronic environment in which to educate students, carry out research and conduct business.

ITS will go beyond providing utility-like services and will provide innovative services that will allow the institution to expand and grow. Through a collaborative environment, ITS will help control costs by standardizing and consolidating when and where possible, while allowing colleges the freedom necessary to support research, discovery and public service. ITS will work closely with regional-campus partners to ensure there are few disparities and to close the gaps that physical distance can create.

ITS will focus on customer service and be responsive to the daily needs of the campus community. Through shared decision-making, ITS will invest wisely and ensure strong returns on technology investments. Through a variety of communication mechanisms, ITS will regularly engage members of the campus community and solicit suggestions for improvement.

ITS will seek out opportunities to partner with the private sector, with West Virginia University Hospitals, with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and with other agencies that could contribute to the university’s growth, status and role as an economic engine. ITS will embrace its role as a leader in the state and region, and aim to become a national leader in information technology.

IT Partners

Some IT teams at WVU serve the needs of specific academic units or departments, independently of central ITS. Here's a guide to finding proper support.

ITS Org Chart