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Policies and Standards

Pursuant to BOG Governance Rule 1.11 - Information Technology Resources and Governance, Information Technology Services is responsible for developing internal policies that outline the guiding principles for the use of technology resources at WVU. To effectuate the implementation of policies, ITS also develops standards that identify the mandatory requirements that make a policy effective. All University IT policies and standards will be associated with one of three categories:

  • Acceptable Use
    The acceptable and unacceptable ways to use University IT resources such as computers, email and networks.
  • Security
    How the University protects its IT resources to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.
  • Privacy
    Identifies the personal and health data the University collects, and how it gathers, uses, discloses and manages that data to ensure it is kept private.

Review Process

All IT policies are sent to stakeholders (e.g., campus IT directors, ITS senior staff, academic advisory committees, General Counsel, Internal Audit) for a two-week review. They are then made available to faculty, staff and students to provide comments for 30 days. Policies may be revised before being sent to the University Planning Commission (UPC) for final review and approval.

IT standards go through a two-week review by campus IT directors prior to implementation.

Specific procedures related to these policies and standards will be developed by both ITS and individual colleges or departments. ITS procedures go through a two-week internal review before implementation.

University employees and students are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with all IT policies and standards. Questions or comments on these documents should be directed to Questions about college-specific procedures should be directed to the appropriate college IT director.

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