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Computer Buying Guide

WVU strongly encourages all students review the Student Technology Guide. Although the choice between a PC and Mac is personal preference, some colleges, departments or degree programs may have specific computer requirements. Students also can contact their departments or advisors.

We coordinate with computer manufacturers to find deals that save you money. Use the links below for special offers on hardware and links to software provided to students free or at reduced rates.

The following items may be highly useful in some circumstances.

  • External hard drive to back up your files
  • USB thumb/pen drive
  • Copies of your operating system restore disks in the event of a crash

MyPrinting lets students email or upload documents and print from anywhere. Users must have valid Login credentials, a WVU email account and a Mountaineer Card with a Mountie Bounty balance.

Students also can print files from any computer lab or library computer using USB drive, email or cloud storage.

WVU does NOT support the use of personal wireless printers. If you bring a personal printer, you must use a USB cable to connect. Most wireless printers can't connect to WVU.Encrypted, the secure network that students and employees should be using, so your privacy can be compromised, and whatever you are printing could be visible to others.

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