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Identity Fraud Protection

Protect what matters most.

While no service can protect you from having your personal information stolen, WVU offers a voluntary identity fraud protection service to both students and benefits-eligible employees, called PrivacyArmor, that provides monitoring and recovery services including: 
  • Identity monitoring to uncover fraud at its inception including unauthorized account access, fund transfers and password resets.
  • Internet surveillance to detect information misuse in the Underground Internet.
  • A digital identity report summarizing what a real-time deep Internet search finds out about a subscriber as well as a Privacy Grade and tips to better secure personal information.
  • A secure, online document repository that makes lost wallet replacement quick and easy.
  • An annual credit report, monthly credit scores and monitoring of your TransUnion credit file.
  • Trained Privacy Advocates that will serve as your case manager in identity restoration if suspicious activity is detected.
  • A $25,000 identity theft insurance policy that will protect you from financial damages of identity theft including associated costs, legal defense expenses and lost wages.
  • A reduction of pre-approved credit offers and telemarketing call solicitations.