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Common Scams

Scams can take many forms. These are the most common scams that come to WVU faculty, staff, and students:

IRS/LEO (law enforcement) – pretending to be either and getting user to pay or click a link

Tech Support - Microsoft/Apple calling to help you with your computer/printer

Financial Aid – pretending to be government/bank/university and user owes them money

Wire Transfer – often targeted, often claims to be from user’s boss, wants you to transfer money to someone

Office 365 - attempts to get user to click a link by saying their email account is out of space, there’s a need to migrate their account, or the account will be deleted

AppleID – these are similar to Office 365 except they target AppleIDs

Invoice - FedEx/UPS/Amazon/USPS fake shipment, often as links or documents

Jobs – ‘too good to be true’ scams where they pay a bunch to transfer money, or ship things, act as a campus representative, etc

PayPal – similar to AppleID and Office365 scams above except focused on PayPal

Lottery/Real Estate/Inheritance – they claim they will send you money you just need to follow up with them

FREE anything – free X, Y, or Z and all you have to do is click a link, answer some questions, or open an attachment

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