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Be Privacy Aware

Privacy is our shared responsibility.

West Virginia University takes protecting the privacy of personal information very seriously and has implemented many policies and procedures to ensure that University data remains secure. Faculty, staff, and students should the following steps to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust: 

infographic about securing personally identifiable Information
  • Enroll in two-factor authentication. Instructions to enroll can be found online.
  • Never share your Login ID password with anyone.
  • Remember that grades, class lists or schedules, disciplinary records, financial aid information and payroll information are subject to FERPA and should never be provided via email or telephone. Letters of recommendation and evaluations should also be kept private.
  • Never click on links or attachments in unexpected emails, particularly if they are from an unknown sender. If an email looks suspicious, forward it as an attachment to
  • Take time to develop your creativity. Keep your unpublished paper, research, book, artwork, proposal, thesis, patent, algorithm, analysis, review, composition, etc. under your control until you are ready to share it broadly.
  • Periodically review data stored on your devices and consider securely deleting it. Make sure to securely remove any sensitive data before disposing of or sending a mobile device or other computer equipment to surplus. Be sure to keep in mind any record-retention requirements before destroying data. When in doubt, seek guidance from a supervisor.
  • Don't access your WVU data using public Wi-Fi networks or computers and NEVER use unsecured wireless internet to access protected data.

Be privacy aware at home, too.

  • Share with care. Don't feel pressure to "complete your profile" on social media sites. Information like your birthday, phone number, and where you live or work can be used to reset your password and access your accounts. Monitor posts and pictures in which you are tagged.
  • Actively manage your privacy settings for all online sites. Update the privacy of at least one online account right now.
  • Personal information is like money. Value and protect it. Be thoughtful about who gets that information and how it is collected. Periodically review the third-party apps that you have authorized to access your accounts and remove those that no longer need access.
  • Secure your mobile devices with a password or biometric scan. Set your phone to automatically lock after a brief period of inactivity (no longer than 15 minutes).
  • Consider purchasing identity fraud protection. WVU offers voluntary identity fraud protection to both students and employees that includes credit monitoring, a monthly credit score, an annual credit report, and a service to make replacing the contents of a wallet quick and easy.

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