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Defend Your Data

Be vigilant and protect your personal information from people who want to steal and use it.

WVU Information Technology Services personnel will NEVER send you an unsolicited email asking for your Login username and password or other personally identifiable information. The only time you may be asked for that information is after you’ve contacted the Service Desk for help.

The first line of defense in the fight against identity theft is you. Be suspicious about all electronic communications from strangers, and don’t become an easy target by developing bad habits.

The links below are tried and tested Best Practices to help you Defend Your Data!

Awareness Training

Safe Use of WVU Login Credentials
Social Security Number Protection
Recognize and Avoid Phishing Attacks
Protect Credit Card Information

Credit Cards

EMV (Chip and PIN) Payment Card FAQ

Compromised Account

What To Do If Your E-Mail Account Gets Hijacked


Malware FAQ
Antivirus Software for Personal Computers


Create Strong, Separate Passwords for Your Work and Private Accounts

Personal Devices

Tips for Protecting Personal Devices

Protect Your Identity

How to Establish a Fraud Alert on Your Personal Accounts
Identity Theft and Fraud FAQ
Safe Cyber Shopping


Phone Scams
Work at Home Scams

Secure Social Networking

Secure Your Future: Social Networking Security Settings
Facebook Lockdown: Don't Overexpose Your Data

Security Tips When Traveling Abroad

International Travel Tips
Educational and governmental security pages for international travel
FBI Brochure on safety and security while traveling abroad

Suspicious email or phone call? Contact us!