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Mountaineer Card Standard

Standard Number: IT.3.5.1S
Category: Information Privacy
Owner: Information Technology Services
Effective: February 2, 2019
Revision History: None
Review Date: February 1, 2022


    1. The West Virginia University (“University”) Identification Card Policy establishes that the University will issue University Identification Cards for Eligible Individuals and specifies that Information Technology Services (“ITS”) is solely responsible for the issuance and secure destruction of University Identification Cards.
    2. The University Identification Card issued on the Morgantown campus is referred to as the Mountaineer Card. ITS permits Approved Departments on the Morgantown campus to generate Mountaineer Cards onsite. The purpose of this Standard is to establish minimum requirements that must be met to issue and dispose of a Mountaineer Card.
    3. This Standard applies to the issuance and destruction of all Mountaineer Cards at all Approved Departments on the Morgantown campus. Any Approved Department found issuing or disposing of Mountaineer Cards that do not meet this Standard may have their ability to issue Mountaineer Cards revoked.
    4. It is the responsibility of Approved Departments issuing Mountaineer Cards to ensure the following requirements are met before issuing a Mountaineer Card.
    5. The Executive Director for Customer & Communication Services, with support from the Mountaineer Card Services Program Manager, is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of this Standard.

    1. Mountaineer Cards must only be issued to Eligible Individuals who display valid Identification Documents.
    2. Only one active Mountaineer Card will be issued per card holder.
    3. Each Mountaineer Card issued will be one of the following eleven (11) card types, determined by the card holder’s primary role:
      1. Student. Students enrolled in and attending the University.
      2. Employee. Faculty and staff members with a full- or part-time appointment.
      3. Mountaineer Temp. Employees hired through the Temporary Employment Program, including Senior Temps.
      4. Retiree. Retired faculty and staff or faculty Emeriti with an active appointment.
      5. WVU Foundation. West Virginia University Foundation employees.
      6. WVU Research Corp. West Virginia University Research Corporation employees.
      7. WVNET. West Virginia Network employees.
      8. WVU Daycare. West Virginia University Child Learning Center employees.
      9. Emergency Medicine. Department of Emergency Medicine employees.
      10. Visitor. Individuals authorized to be onsite and are sponsored by a department to use the services and facilities of the University (e.g., consultant, vendor, conference, and camp attendees).
      11. Courtesy. Individuals who have an academic relationship with the University but do not hold a faculty appointment (e.g., visiting scholar).
    4. Only an ITS Service Center is permitted to issue student Mountaineer Cards.
    5. All Mountaineer Cards must include the card holder’s legal name.
    6. All Mountaineer Cards must include a recognizable photograph or digital image of the card holder, centered, with a frontal, full-face view, open eyes, and natural expression. More information about generating ideal Mountaineer Card photographs can be found in the Mountaineer Card Production Guide.
    7. Mountaineer Cards issued to employees may also include the department name.
    8. The inclusion of titles (e.g., Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Visiting Scientist, Visiting Medical Rotator, PhD Candidate) on a Mountaineer Card is strictly prohibited.

    1. A new Mountaineer Card will be generated to replace an existing card if one of the following criteria is met:
      1. The card holder pays the appropriate fee to replace a lost or stolen card, or to update an existing card with a new photograph or legal name;
      2. The card is not functioning due to an inherent defect;;
      3. Card is five (5) or more years old and is not functioning due to wear and tear (e.g., peeling laminate, malfunctioning magnetic stripe);
      4. An employee’s role changes (e.g., a Temp transitions to full-time employee);
      5. The WVU department name changes;
      6. A student transfers campuses; or,
      7. A student returns to campus after being gone for three or more semesters.
    2. Sites issuing Mountaineer Cards should refer to the Mountaineer Card Production Guide to determine whether a replacement fee should be charged.
    3. Unless lost, a card holder must surrender their old Mountaineer Card prior to being issued a replacement card.
    4. All Mountaineer Cards surrendered must be securely destroyed by shredding the card, preferably in front of the card holder, rendering the personal information associated with the card unrecoverable.
    5. Lost or stolen cards should be deactivated immediately either by the card holder at or by ITS to prevent Unauthorized Access to the card holder’s personal information associated with the card.
    6. Lost cards will be returned to a card holder at no cost once legal proof of identity is provided.
    7. Mountaineer Cards that do not meet these requirements will be confiscated and replaced by ITS.

    1. “Approved Departments” means University departments that are approved to issue Mountaineer Cards. The following University departments are Approved Departments:
      1. Employee Processing Services (EPS) may issue Mountaineer Cards to new employees only.
      2. Health Science Center Information Technology Services may issue Mountaineer Cards to HSC employees only. All HSC students must obtain a Mountaineer Card at an ITS Service Center.
      3. ITS Service Centers located at Towers and the Mountainlair are approved to issue all types of Mountaineer Cards.
    2. “Eligible Individuals” means the groups of individuals who are eligible to be issued a Mountaineer Card. The following groups are Eligible Individuals:
      1. Students that are enrolled and attending the University.
      2. Employees with a full- or part-time appointment(s), retired employees, and individuals with Emeritus status.
      3. Other Individuals who are authorized to be on-site, unescorted, and authorized by a sponsoring department to use University Services and Facilities.
    3. “Identification Documents” means documentation issued by an appropriate governmental agency, which includes facial photographic image, that shall be used for the identity authentication prior to issuance of a University Identification Card, such as a driver’s license or passport.
    4. “Unauthorized Access” means when someone gains access to University Services and Facilities or the card holder’s personal information by using someone else’s University Identification Card.
    5. “University Services and Facilities” means any facility or service owned, maintained, or offered by the University. These include, but are not limited to, dining hall meals, University-owned or controlled buildings, library and athletic facilities, entry to athletic events, certain on-campus and off-campus purchases, and any other facility or service so deemed by the University.

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