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WVU Login Responsibility Statement

WVU Login credentials are assigned to all WVU faculty, staff, and students to provide access to University information technology resources, systems, applications, and physical areas. All individuals must accept this statement when claiming a WVU Login account or changing the password for a WVU Login account to ensure University technology resources and data remain secure and private.

I understand I am being granted access to University-owned data and technology systems and agree that:

  1. I must NEVER share my WVU Login credentials with anyone or use another person's WVU Login credentials to gain access to University technology or data sources.
  2. I must not access data in any system that is not directly relevant to my job or coursework duties.
  3. I must not use systems for unacceptable activities such as personal commercial gain.
  4. I will use and reproduce departmental, personal, and/or confidential data stored in University systems for approved purposes only.
  5. Information Technology Services monitors University technology resources to ensure compliance with applicable laws and University policies; therefore, I have no expectation of privacy in anything I create, store, send, or receive using University-owned systems or applications for business, academic, or personal use.
  6. Social Security and credit card numbers must be secured in a University-approved location and never sent via email or stored on a computer. If this information is inappropriately disclosed and individuals are put at risk for identity theft or other harm, I will notify Information Technology Services and the General Counsel's Office within 24 hours of the discovery.
  7. I must not release any University data without appropriate approval. Unapproved release or misuse of University data may be in violation of federal regulation such as the Federal Privacy Act, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  8. I will not intentionally destroy, damage, disrupt, or impair University technology in ways that adversely affect the work or academic endeavors of other.
  9. I must abide by all WVU policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, Human Resources policies, Student Code of Conduct, and IT policies.
  10. My access to any resource granted by WVU may be discontinued immediately upon termination of employment or student enrollment.

Authorized users found in violation of this statement may face disciplinary actions in accordance with established University policies and procedures. Disciplinary actions, as enforced by the appropriate authorities, may go up to and include termination of employment or enrollment.

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