Computers & Support

These packages include extended warranty and insurance coverage, full technical support for hardware/software problems, loaner equipment when needed, hardware accessories and program-specific medical resource software. All laptops and hardware accessories are encrypted to meet HSC security standards. Students will receive details about costs, specifications and more when admitted to these programs. The fee will be a separate line item on the student account, in addition to tuition and fees. The cost of this required program is a recognized educational requirement and is included in financial aid calculations. 

software icon  Software

  • Don't pay for Microsoft Office! All WVU students  get it free ! (Please note you'll have to add to your username to install and activate. MIX addresses won't work.)
  • All WVU students also get free Kaspersky Anti-Virus to install on as many three devices. You'll need to enter your MIX email address at to download.
MATLAB is also free to all WVU students. For directions to download, click here.

Students qualify for a steep discount on Adobe Creative Cloud. Pay only $68 a year for access. That’s a significant savings over Adobe’s special first-year pricing for students ($240/year). Check it out at


Students can email or upload documents and print from anywhere with MyPrinting. Users must have valid Login credentials, a WVU email account and a Mountaineer Card with a Mountie Bounty balance.

WVU does NOT support the use of personal wireless printers. If you bring a printer, use a USB cable to connect. Most wireless printers can't connect to a secure network like WVU.Encrypted, so your privacy can be compromised, and whatever you are printing could be visible to others.

Academic Tools

  • Student Technology Resources
  • Computer labs supported by ITS are available on the Evansdale campus. WVU Libraries IT staff also support 425 computers for student use in three locations.
  • STAR (Students & Technology Achieving Results) is the system students can use to get information about financial aid, course schedules and catalogs and to register for classes.
  • eCampus is the online learning management system, which can be used for both online and face-to-face courses at all WVU campuses.
  • DegreeWorks provides main-campus students and their advisors with up-to-date information on progress toward graduation. This system is not available on the regional campuses.
  • Schedule Builder lets you create customized class schedules faster and easier, with less guesswork and risk of making a mistake. The tool also improves your chances of getting a full schedule and graduating on time. Pick the classes you want to take in the coming semester and enter “breaks” when other obligations prevent you from taking classes. Schedule Builder then automatically generates every possible combination of classes and shows schedules in a grid view with the times, locations and instructors.
  • All graduate students must submit their theses and dissertations electronically. Read up on the requirements before you get started!
  • WVU+kc (Kuali Coeus) is a tool students must use when planning to conduct a survey or interviews as part of a research project. Protocols are submitted to the WVU Institutional Review Board to ensure that the rights, safety, and well-being of the human research subjects involved are protected. Most dissertation/thesis committees will require an approved IRB protocol before presenting.

News & Outages

  • Keep up with both planned maintenance and unplanned IT outages of important systems by following ITS on social media. You can "like " WVU Information Technology on Facebook or follow us @WVUITServices on Twitter!

Payment Services

  • The Mountaineer Card is more than your photo identification. In Morgantown, it's your access to the PRT, athletic events, the Student Recreation Center, residence hall doors, computer labs, libraries and more. When you have a Mountie Bounty balance, you can use it as a debit card for Dining Services, residence hall laundry facilities and MyPrinting. Your account will be activated when you deposit money electronically at
  • Mountie Bounty is also accepted off campus in Morgantown at: Panera Bread locations on Patteson Drive and Willey Street; CVS locations on Earl Core Road, High Street, Pineview Drive and Star City; Burger King on Patteson Drive; The Greeks on Beechurst Avenue; and Campus Canteen on High Street. 
  • At Potomac State College of WVU, Mountie Bounty is used in dining halls, the bookstore and residence hall laundry facilities.

  • Mountie Bounty is NOT available at WVU Tech in Montgomery, but will be available for use on the Beckley campus in fall 2016.

Email & Internet

  • Learn more about MIX (Gmail) , including how to put it on your mobile device.

  • Students MUST connect personal devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and phones to the secure  WVU.Encrypted network for  wireless access. WVU.Encrypted offers secure transmission of data and remembers your Login credentials as you move around the campuses. All University-owned residence halls are part of ResNet, or the Residential Network. ( Please note that WVU.Guest is intended only for visitors to campus; students who attempt to connect to it will see an error message.)

  • You can connect gaming consoles, TVs and other kinds of devices to WVU.Play. You must first go to, enter your Login credentials, then enter the MAC address of the device. For instructions, click  here. ( Please note that Wii devices will not work on WVU's wireless network because our newer technology does not support these older systems.)
  • When traveling, WVU students can instantly connect to the Wi-Fi networks at some 360 universities worldwide through  eduroam , a secure roaming access service that acts as one large wireless hot spot. Just search for active networks at any of the participating  institutions, select “eduroam” and enter your Login user name followed by  Please note that MIX email addresses do not work with eduroam.

    Visitors to the Morgantown, WVU Beckley, WVU Tech and Potomac State campuses can enter their credentials from their home institutions and likewise have immediate access to WVU networks. The eduroam service is available in all WVU buildings except residence halls. 

    Internet service and cable TV at University Place and University Place are NOT provided by WVU. For cable TV assistance, call Comcast at (855) 638-2855. For Internet support, call ITG Networks at (800) 374-5872. 

    Forgot your password? No need to call for help. Check or rest your account and change your passwords yourself at

    The WVU Portal is a single gateway to a variety of critical services and applications, from accessing eCampus, MIX email (Gmail) and STAR to checking the status of the PRT. 

    Need to find a classmate or instructor? Check the WVU Directory. If you need to update or correct your information in the directory, you must do so by changing it yourself in STAR or by contacting the Office of the University Registrar.  WVU provides certain public information, also called “directory information,” about students in accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act . Don’t want your information to be visible online? Contact the Office of the University Registrar and fill out a confidentiality form.

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NEVER share your Login credentials with a friend. You could be held liable for any inappropriate activity they conduct, such as illegally downloading copyrighted videos, music or other materials. Read the rest of the rules here:

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