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Student Technology FAQ

What computer do I need?

It depends. Some academic programs have computer requirements, and some don’t. To be sure, ask your program coordinator. If your program doesn’t have requirements, refer to the recommendations listed in our Student Technology guide and purchase a computer that meets your needs and budget. We give you the specifications; you choose what’s right for you. The only caution we offer is that Google Chromebooks aren’t compatible with our online learning system, eCampus.

Programs that DO have computer requirements:

Health Sciences: Students accepted into Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Medical Doctor, Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia, Medical Laboratory Science, Occupational Therapy, Pathologists’ Assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant programs are required to use a standardized laptop purchased through HSC using student fees. Until you are accepted, you can use University computer labs, libraries or a personal computer you may already own.

What free software do you offer?

All WVU students get Microsoft Office, Sophos anti-virus and Windows 10 for free. MATLAB is also free to students. You can download Microsoft Office on up to five devices and put Sophos on up to three. Students will find discounts on other software at

To download Microsoft Office, use your WVU email address, but end it with instead of To download anti-virus, go to and follow the on-screen instructions.

Do I need to bring a printer?

No, and wireless printers won’t be allowed to connect to WVU networks. If you want to bring a personal printer, it must have a USB cable, and wireless capabilities must be disabled. WVU has an affordable, paid-printing service called MyPrinting. You'll use Mountie Bounty that’s been loaded onto your WVU ID and swipe your card at a printing station. It’s 6 cents a page for a standard black-and-white copy, and 25 cents a page for color. Definitely less expensive than buying a printer, paper and ink. Statler College lets Engineering students print 500 pages per semester for free.

Do I need to purchase a lock for my computer?

That’s up to you. If your computer has a security latch, you can use one. If it doesn’t, consider buying a lockbox or keeping it in a secured drawer. Better yet, lock the door behind you when you leave.

How are meal plan, Dining Dollars and Mountie Bounty used?

All three are loaded onto your WVU ID card and can be used with a swipe. Please visit WVU Dining Services for details.

What is two-factor authentication and why is it required?

Two-factor authentication is a layer of security beyond your WVU username and password. When accessing secure WVU systems, you will have to confirm your identity using a smartphone and the Duo Mobile app. It’s easy, fast and keeps both personal and University information secure. Two-factor is required for industries that handle credit card or financial data. That includes WVU.

What if I forget my phone, get a new one or the battery dies?

Be ready before it happens! As soon as you set up Duo, go to and print out backup codes. Tuck the list in your wallet so you can complete your login without your phone. Just remember to cross them out as you work down the list. When you use all 10, just generate more.

I’m an international student and I can’t download the Duo Mobile app on my phone? What do I do?

If Duo Mobile is not available in your app store, you can use a Duo display token to authenticate with a one-time passcode. The WVU Bookstore sells tokens for about $25. Search for “Duo Digipass” is shopping online. The green button generates a code you enter to complete your login. Find setup instructions at

Does WVU sell computers?

No. Students can purchase select high-performance laptops through a partnership with Dell, but the University does not sell computers.

Where should I shop for a computer?

If you plan on purchasing a Dell, go to to see if the model you’re interested in is offered at a better price. If you’re interested in a Mac, look at Apple’s educational pricing. College students are eligible for many discounts; you just have to look for them. WVU doesn’t endorse a particular brand.

Do you repair computers?

No. If you need to get your computer fixed, contact a local service agent. If your computer is in warranty, contact the manufacturer. If you’re experiencing a problem with a WVU service, application or system, contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444. You can also stop by an ITS Service Center, in the Mountainlair or Bennett Tower.

How do I connect to campus Wi-Fi? Can I access it in my residence hall?

Wi-Fi is available to students in their residence halls and all over campus. To connect your computer or phone, go to your network settings and select WVU.Encrypted. Enter your WVU username (without the and your password. Your parents and friends can register to connect to WVU.Guest when they come to visit. Connect your game systems and smart devices to the WVU.Play network by registering the MAC address. Follow the setup instructions.

How do I set up MIX email on my phone?

MIX is actually Gmail, which means you can set up your email using the Gmail app or your phone’s native mail app by using your WVU credentials to sign in.

I forgot my password. How do I change it?

Go to and click Forgot or Change Password.

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