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How to Order

Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC)

The Software License Information Center (SLIC) negotiates annual discounted software site license agreements with many software vendors, and in turn, extends these savings to individual colleges and units. WVU units needing to purchase any software on this list must contact SLIC to make the purchase or be directed to an Academic software reseller.

Step 1: Determine if the software is licensed by WVU

Step 2: Complete the Online Software Order Form

Software that is available for download will be fulfilled electronically without media whenever possible. Please request media disks only if they are required for your installation. SLIC does not charge for media. 

Step 3: Receive and Install your Software

SLIC will contact you for your payment information and fulfill your order within 10 business days. Fulfillment including a scanned copy of your receipt will be done electronically whenever possible. Receipts will be sent within 24 hours of payment processing.

Please note: due to the nature of our license agreements, most University site-licensed software is only available for University staff/faculty on University-owned machines and for instructional or research use. Some exceptions exist. For more information on each software title offered by SLIC, see the Software List. Please direct any additional questions to the SLIC Information Systems Technician at 304-293-4684.