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New Employee Resources

Information Technology Services is here to help you succeed. View the New Employee Resources guide to learn about the common resources available to all University employees. And welcome to the WVU Family!

identity icon Identification

  • Login is the system that provides every employee a unique set of credentials. You’ll need these for everything from email and access to the online learning system, to the human resources, payroll and vacation-request portal. If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself on the site.

Two-factor Authentication

All faculty and any instructor with a faculty role, including adjuncts and teaching assistants, MUST use two-factor authentication to access secure systems. Two-factor authentication secures your account by confirming your identity in two ways – with something you KNOW (your Login password) and something you HAVE (an app on your smartphone/tablet or display token).

  • Email & Internet

  • Office 365 is available to all regular employees. Supervisors can request access for student employees. You can get information about Office 365 services at If you need access to email before your official start date, ask your Expert Business Office (EBO) to provide an early access date to Payroll. To determine who to contact at your EBO, ask your hiring supervisor. Health Sciences employees should go to to log in to their Office 365 system and to learn more about their services.

  • To change an email address, the employee or an IT support person in his/her unit can submit a request to, call (304) 293-4444 or visit Requests should include the user’s current login, first and last name, and their preferred new email. ITS will work with the individual before finalizing the change. Default email addresses are now first name.last name, or preferred first name.last name. If neither is available, numerals will be added to differentiate users, such as and

    Teaching faculty also have access to Gmail accounts known as MIX email, which can be accessed through the WVU portal.

    If you are hiring a student worker who needs a WVU employee email account for business reasons, please use the form available through the Service Desk. Enter your Login credentials if and when asked, then click the green button that says “Student o365 Ticket.” You can complete this form if you are hiring between one and four students. If you are hiring five or more students who need employee email, please contact for a spreadsheet you’ll need to provide the necessary information.

  • The Online Directory at lets you look up a student or employee phone number or email address. Access the Health Sciences directory at

    For wireless Internet access, all employees MUST connect to WVU.Encrypted, a secure network for students, faculty and staff. WVU.Guest is limited to visitors to all campuses and provides up to five days of access. Visitors must provide a valid email address and mobile phone number to register. They will have to log in after each 24-hour period.

  • When traveling, faculty and staff can instantly connect to the Wi-Fi networks at universities worldwide through eduroam, a secure roaming access service that acts as one large wireless hot spot. Just search for active networks at any participating school, select eduroam and enter the email address that incorporates your Login user name. That will provide instant access at these institutions. Visitors to the Morgantown, WVU Tech and Potomac State campuses can enter their credentials from their home institutions and likewise have immediate access to WVU networks. The eduroam service is available in all WVU buildings except residence halls.


Telephone Identification Numbers (TIDs) are assigned to many employees to track international calls and faxes, and domestic long-distance faxes to ensure they are billed to the appropriate business office. Domestic voice calls do NOT require a TID. Learn more about the WVU phone system.


  • Go to Transportation and Parking website to purchase parking permits and view information about alternative transportation on and off campus.

Administrative Processes

Human Resources Tools

Human Resources has much more information on job postings, compensation, grievance processes, employee wellness and more.

More IT Services

  • At, you can find answers to a variety of questions or request assistance. You can also contact the ITS Service Desk at or call (304) 293-4444 to speak to a support staff member.

    Stay safe! ITS provides FREE Sophos Antivirus software for all employees to install on as many as three personal devices. Get it at

    Don't pay for Microsoft Office! All WVU employees get it free. Download onto as many as five personally owned computers and five mobile devices. Just know that when you leave WVU, that software will cease to function, and you will have to purchase a personal license. We have instructions how to install Office ProPlus.

    Be wary of email scams called "phishing" that try to trick you into giving up your username, password and other personal information. When in doubt, forward the message to the ITS Information Security team for review at Learn more about keeping your personal information and the University's data safe at

    The ITS Training Group provides free instruction in technologies that support teaching and learning, and in technologies that ITS maintains and supports. We offer training in a variety of formats, including hands-on workshops, informational seminars, webinars, online video tutorials, vendor- and ITS-produced documents.

Health Sciences Employees

WVU Health Sciences has some systems that are unique to its employees. Contact its IT staff for important information about technical support, the Health Sciences email system, room reservations and more. This is also where you can find the login portal to SOLE (Study Observe Learn Engage), the online learning system unique to Health Sciences.

Academic Tools

Banner is the official student system of record used at all WVU campuses. Administrative forms are used to find core student data, lift holds, build schedules and update other student information. STAR, the self-service portion of Banner, allows faculty to see courses, enter grades and view academic history and other student information. Students use the same system to get information about financial aid, course schedules and catalogues and to register for classes.

eCampus is the online learning management system, which can be used for both online and face-to-face courses at all WVU campuses. Our Faculty Resources page has information about the system and how to get started with it.

eCampus Request System is a web application that lets faculty make specific course requests and modifications. gives students and employees a single front door to some services and applications, from accessing eCampus, Gmail and STAR to checking the status of the PRT. Just use your Login credentials to get access. Faculty and advisors see content directed specifically to them. Most instructors and advisors will NOT see the same information as student. However, an instructor who is also a student will be able to see both views by clicking on the menu. ( Please note: The app will automatically default to the student role .)

Be prepared: When inclement weather or other crises strike, faculty can use communication tools in either eCampus or STAR to communicate with students about cancellations, changes in deadlines, alternative assignments or remote instruction.

In eCampus, faculty can email either an entire class, or all members of multiple classes, including cross-listed, using the Qwickly tool.

In STAR, instructors can email an individual or an entire class from the Detail or Summary Class list inside the Faculty & Advisor tab.

Instructors can also consider holding classes remotely using Blackboard Collaborate , a real-time video conferencing tool in eCampus. Instructors can add files, share applications and use a virtual whiteboard to interact.

The DegreeWorks system provides the Morgantown campus students and their advisors with up-to-date information on progress toward graduation. This system is not available on the regional campuses.

The Faculty Senate has 123 senators representing the Morgantown, Potomac State and WVU Tech campuses. Senators help guide the academic pursuits of the University, represent all faculty members and can express your views to the larger campus community.

The Office of the Registrar protects academic records, and communicates and applies academic policies and procedures.

The Faculty Handbook has information about policies, advancement, awards, development workshops and more.

WVU+kc , or Kuali, is a tool for research compliance, award administration and external funding notifications.

The Student Success Collaborative , or SSC Campus, sifts through concrete data in a matter of seconds, giving advisors, tutors and instructors information that may help students stay in school and graduate. It identifies struggling students by creating markers and intervention points for those who might not traditionally show up as at risk.

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI): Faculty use am electronic student evaluation of instruction tool for all courses 5. This product, called Blue, is developed by eXplorance and fully integrated with eCampus. Login at

Meetings and Conferences

Faculty, staff and students have several tools that can help save time and eliminate the need for cross-campus travel for conferences and meetings. In addition to telephone conferencing, WVU offers Skype for Business and Collaborate. Skype for Business is a real-time communications environment that can be accessed through a browser-based web application or installed on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Skype for Business combines the valuable security features of Lync with the flexibility of Skype. Users can share, collaborate and discuss by integrating voice, video, instant messaging and online meetings with Office 365’s existing capabilities.

Users also can search for and connect with anyone in the Skype network—inside or outside the University. Helpful information on the use of Skype for Business can be found on Microsoft’s website:

Contact Service Desk

Phone: (304) 293-4444 | 1 (877) 327-9260

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