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Network Operations


The WVU network has three cores, each comprised of dual Nexus 7010 switches connect with a 10Gb fiber backbone. Campus buildings are connected via two Layer 3 fiber links at either 10Gb or 1Gb. The distribution layer houses the VLAN (virtual network) information and security ACLs (Access Control Lists) for each network inside a building. New and renovated buildings have a 10Gb internal backbone from the distribution layer to the access layer.

Wireless Access

We have enhanced Wi-Fi through most of the campus, with more than 6,000 access points. WVU.Encrypted, WVU.Guest and eduroam are available campuswide. Learn how to connect your computers and mobile devices to WVU's wireless networks..

Service Providers

We have two service providers, each providing 10Gbps (gigabits per second) of internet bandwidth. Each provider connects to the network in a different campus core to add geographic redundancy, meaning if one location has trouble, another should be available. This redundancy lets ITS do maintenance on one connection without losing internet service. We also have a 10Gbps connection to Internet2 and a 10Gb internal Science DMZ for research computing.

WVU Network Overview

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