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Managed Printing for Departments

Managed Printing is cheaper and greener than buying, managing and servicing your own devices. ITS does not charge departments for the hardware; you pay only for the prints and copies you generate. We provide free installation, maintenance and repairs.

Managed printing also provides customers with more proactive machine servicing. Toner levels are now being actively monitored with our Pharos Beacon software. Our staff now replace your supplies in many cases before you know they are needed. Automated meter acquisition is also taking place with our new software. This ensures consistent meter collection and reporting for your devices.

For best results, toner bottles should no longer be shaken. This will interfere with our monitoring software and provide false reading that may cause the device to appear it has more toner than is actively available.

Machine administrators should store paper in a cool, dry location and only load the amount that is likely to be used within two to four days. Paper left in a device too long draws moisture increasing the likelihood of jams and reduced print quality.

Why Managed Printing?

  • Reduce printing expenses
    • No up-front costs
    • Servicing and supplies included
    • Pay only for paper
  • Fixed per-page price
  • Standardized equipment
  • Accommodates desktop and work group printers
  • Variety of printers for all levels of use

Available models

Desktop/Workgroup Network Printers

  • Bizhub 4000p
  • Bizhub 4700p

Desktop/Workgroup Network All in One

  • Bizhub C3100p
  • Bizhub C3110
  • Bizhub C 3351
  • Bizhub 227
  • Bizhub 368
  • Bizhub 258
  • Bizhub 458
  • Bizhub 558
  • Bizhub 658
  • Bizhub 808
  • Bizhub C258
  • Bizhub C368
  • Bizhub C458
  • Bizhub C558
  • Bizhub C658
  • Bizhub C759

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