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Managed Printing for Departments

Managed Printing is cheaper and greener than buying, managing and servicing your own devices. ITS does not charge departments for the hardware; you pay only for the prints and copies you generate. We provide free installation, maintenance and repairs.

Managed printing also gives departments more control over the use of the printers. Administrators get web access to monitor the meter count, supply levels and job history. They can also add or remove email as staff changes. Printer failure history reports are available upon request.

See available models.

For best results, administrators should store paper in a cool, dry location and only load the amount that is likely to be used within two to four days. Paper left in a device too long gets wet, causing jams and reduced print quality.

Why Managed Printing?

  • WVU has already saved $900,000 per year
  • Reduce printing expenses
    • No up-front costs
    • Servicing and supplies included
    • Pay only for paper
  • Fixed per-page price
  • Standardized equipment
  • Accommodates desktop and work group printers
  • Variety of printers for all levels of use

Questions or additional information?
Please contact Printing and Copier Services at

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