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Windows 10


Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system and the “last version of Windows.” Microsoft promises a new servicing structure going forward: It will put out two or three Windows 10 releases each year, rather than releasing a major operating system every five years. This strategy is similar to the model that Apple has used for years with its OS X and iOS products. Each release will bring new features, improvements and security enhancements.

The ITS Endpoint Management and Outbound Support team will work closely with everyone who uses an ITS-supported computer to complete the initial upgrade to Windows 10. Subsequent upgrades will be handled after normal working hours and with less disruption to your productivity. We expect to complete the initial Windows 10 upgrade by the end of 2017.


We do not provide in-person training on Windows 10, but to help users adapt to the new system, we have compiled a list of resources for the most common tasks.

Windows 10 Emulator - This great interactive tools lets you choose what you want, then review a short video.

How to Search

Customize the Taskbar

Customize the Start Menu

Virtual Desktops