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MyTime is the suite of applications that allows WVU employees to record their hours worked online, view hours on a time card, or request sick and vacation leave. MyTime applications are part of the MyAccess employee web portal for WVU employees. 

MyTime – Clocking

Hourly employees can use the Web Clock to record their time IN or time OUT when they start or stop work. Hourly staff may also clock IN or OUT with their Mountaineer ID card at time clocks located in most buildings on campus.

Web Clock:

Time Clock:

Time Clock Locations

MyTime – Time Card

Employees can view their clocked time IN and OUT, approved leave, and holiday hours on their time card. Employees can also see daily hours calculated to be paid, such as rounded hours, overtime pay, and call back pay. Supervisors and business units can view, edit, and approve time cards for their staff members; many reporting options are also available.

MyTime – Leave Request System

Leave-eligible staff at WVU utilize this application to view accumulated sick or annual leave hours and to request time off. Employee reports and a calendar allow employees to plan their leave schedule. Supervisors and business units can approve requests, run reports, and view group calendars for easier coordination of schedules.

MyTime – Designee

Sometimes you need a helping hand! The MyTime suite of applications allows supervisors to select up to three individuals who can be granted ‘proxy’ access to their employees’ time cards and leave requests. When a supervisor is away on vacation or has too many time cards to maintain, their designee has the ability to lend a hand.

The MyTime Designee system is designed to allow you to assist your supervisor or colleagues with managing time and leave requests from other employees. Because WVU HR policies prohibit you from editing or approving your own time card or leave requests, you will not be able to make corrections to your own time card, even though you may be a designee for your supervisor. If you need to have a correction or approval made to your own time card or leave request, please speak with your supervisor. If your supervisor is unavailable, your EBO office or another person who is a designee for your supervisor can make those corrections.

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