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Evaluation FAQs

Can I view the university-wide questions outside the SEI system?

Yes, the questions selected by the WVU Faculty Senate are posted here.

Can I add my own questions?

Instructors can add up to six additional questions. We recommend choosing three from the question bank and writing three of your own.

Can I administer the evaluation in my class?

Yes, we recommend providing class time for students to complete the evaluation because it can help get a higher response rate. This can be done by setting the date and time or by manual configuration.

How will students know to complete an evaluation?

The first line of communication should come from you as the instructor. If you choose to schedule an evaluation, students will receive an email with a link to the system. Students also will be able to see available evaluations in eCampus.

Is training available?

Yes, please look at training calendar for scheduled sessions.

I want to learn this on my own. Are there instructions?

Yes, visit the SEI Training Page.

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