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Pricing and Sizes

Our poster output is affordable! Our computer labs and services are supported by your WVU Student Fees, which means we can offer the cost of our color output at a fraction of commercially available services.


Designation Size Matte Paper Cost Gloss Paper Cost
ANSI A 8.5x11 .39 .71
ANSI B 11"x17" .77 1.41
ANSI C 17"x22" 1.54 2.81
ANSI D 22"x34" 3.07 5.61
ANSI E 34"x44" 6.14 11.22
Architectural A 9"x12" .45 .81
Architectural B 12"x18" .89 1.62
Architectural C 18"x24" 1.78 3.24
Architectural D 24"x36" 3.55 6.48
Architectural E 36"x48" 7.09 12.96

For custom sizes GLOSS (36" or 42" wide by up to 100 feet long) or MATTE (36" wide by up to 300 feet long), please call (304) 293-3742 and make an appointment with one of our lab staff for consultation. Printing costs for sizes larger than those listed are about are $0.59 per square foot on matte inkjet paper, or $1.08 per square foot for on high glossy photo paper.

Computer Repair and Assistance
Evansdale Campus
Brooke Tower
Room G49

8:15 – 4:45
Except Holidays and University Closing Days