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Research FAQ

How do I submit a proposal to an external sponsor?

Kuali Coeus (WVU+kc) is the tool WVU uses to submit proposals to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review and institutional approval. To learn more about submitting proposals, visit the Proposal Development Training page of the ITS Training website.

My research involves human subjects. How do I get approval from the WVU Institutional Review board to begin work?

Submit human subject protocols to the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance and the WVU IRB for review via WVU+kc. To learn more, visit the IRB Protocol Training page of the ITS Training website.

My research involves analysis of large file data that I need to easily transfer to faculty here at WVU and to researchers at other institutions.

ITS offers access to high-speed, high-volume internet connections that provide faster, easier, and more reliable transfer of data. Funded through a cyber infrastructure grant from the National Science Foundation, the WVU Research Exchange (REX) is available to researchers who need the ability to easily transfer large data files both on-campus and to remote locations.

My research will include large data sets, so I need access to secure storage that is backed up regularly and easily accessible to my entire research team.

ITS provides storage through High Performance Computing. Any University researcher can request access. All registered users have access to more than 400 TB of FREE high-speed scratch storage, as well as 10 GB of home directory space and 10GB of group storage space, upon request.

Users also have the option to purchase storage on a cluster dedicated to their group, which offers an easy way for researchers working in the same group to share data, whether at WVU or at another institution. Visit HPC Storage to learn more.

I need remote access to my on-campus computer or work station.

ITS offers remote access to on-campus computing resources such as network drives, applications, and intranet resources from off-campus locations via MasterApps. The most common uses for MasterApps are to provide access to client applications, remote desktop, and data stored on campus.

My team needs scientific computing applications such as MATLAB, Mathematica and LabView. Are these programs available without purchasing individual licenses?

MATLAB is free for any WVU researcher using the HPC closers, and many other other software programs, such as R, are also accessible through the HPC. ITS also offers visualization tools including Paraview, VISIT and gnuplot.

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