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Delete old files this Data Privacy Day, Jan. 28

In support of Data Privacy Day, Information Technology Services recommends all employees delete files they no longer need, especially those containing protected, personally identifiable information, on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Holding onto files that contain PII creates risk of identity theft. To minimize that risk, follow these tips:

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Expect to see new login screen more frequently over the coming months 

Whether  you are faculty, staff or a student, you can expect to more frequently see a screen that asks you to choose your affiliation before logging into a service or system. Most people will choose Employees/Students. However, if you are employed by WVU Medicine, or you are paid by both WVU and WVU Medicine, click the WVU Medicine button.  

This screen already appears when you log into WVU Libraries (EZ Proxy), the 25Live room reservation tool and the WVU+kc (Kuali) research administration tool. In the future, additional services will display this screen. This quick extra step in the login process facilitates access to resources between WVU and its affiliates.   

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