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New Information Security and Identity Theft policies available for public comment until Dec. 11

Between now and Dec. 11, faculty, staff and students can review and comment on two new policies addressing the use and protection of WVU technology resources: Information Security, and Identity Theft Detection and Prevention. Once approved, both policies will apply to faculty, staff and students across the University system.

The Information Security Policy formalizes many data and technology security practices already in place. It requires all technology owners, resources and data to be identified and inventoried. It also requires business continuity planning and enterprise technology risk management, as well as duty-specific training to ensure data is secured appropriately.

The Identity Theft Detection and Prevention Policy, previously a Board of Governor’s policy, establishes Information Technology Services as the entity responsible for pre-paring University employees for responding to all warning signs of identity theft. All University accounts designed to permit multiple payments or transactions are covered under this policy, such as student accounts and institutional loans.

The proposed policies can be found at the bottom of the Policies and Standards page on the ITS website. WVU Login credentials are required for access.

Questions or comments regarding the policies can be submitted to the ITS Information Security team at by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 11. After the public comment period ends, these policies will be forwarded to the University Planning Committee for final review, revisions and approval.