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Changes in how you access Adobe Creative Cloud software coming in October

WVU’s new one-year contract with Adobe ensures that Creative Cloud products are accessible to faculty and staff at no cost for the current academic year. However, licensing changes are required when all WVU-owned machines are updated with the 2019 version. After Oct. 14, you must request access, then log into a new Creative Cloud Desktop Application to install the product(s) you need. Adobe products will NOT be installed on WVU-owned machines by default.

No one is losing access. All 19 Creative Cloud products will be available through Aug. 13, 2020. The only change is in how you access those products. More details will be provided before Oct. 14, when IT staff remove all 2018 Adobe products from WVU-owned devices. With the new Creative Cloud Desktop App, you will be able to install the new software on any two devices you choose.

This approach lets WVU collect usage data that Adobe cannot provide. This data will inform WVU’s decision-making when the contract is re-evaluated in early 2020, eliminating reliance on anecdotal evidence and supposition.

Because complex and extended negotiations with Adobe were not concluded until late summer, these changes must occur mid-semester. ITS is working with college and department IT directors to minimize disruption. Please direct questions to your department or college IT director, or to