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Please pick “Personal Account” if prompted to choose a login option at

If you purchased a personal license for Adobe software, either on your own or through WVU, and you used a WVU email address, you may see a new option when you log into This screen will prompt you to choose an account. You must select the box that says Adobe ID - Personal Account. If you choose “Enterprise ID – Company or school account,” you see an error message or will be unable to access the products you need.

This option will appear for anyone who created their personal account using a WVU email with any of the following suffixes:,,,, or prevent confusion, ITS recommends you go into your Adobe profile and update your personal account with a personal email account.

This message is appearing because Adobe has changed the way WVU’s software is licensed. Eventually, employees will use WVU Login credentials to access Creative Cloud products, and students will use their Login credentials in University labs.