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Passwords will be good for one year after you claim your account at new WVU Login

When a new site launches July 1, faculty, staff and students will find some new features, such as the ability to use the same password for one year.

No immediate changes are required, and your username and email address are not affected. However, the first time your password expires after July 1, you must claim your account in the new system before you can change your password. The password renewal cycle will be extended because WVU has already implemented Duo two-factor authentication, and because you will be required to pass an annual, five-question cybersecurity quiz to claim your account and reset your password.

The new WVU Login site will let you unlock your own account or reset your password using a recovery (non-WVU) email address or a mobile phone number, just as you do with the online services you use in your personal life. This self-help feature should mean fewer calls to the Service Desk and a faster return to productivity.

WVU is replacing the software behind because the vendor that created it is no longer in business. At the same time, WVU Medicine is changing the way it manages accounts, with a new system set to launch the week of June 24.

This project is a complex undertaking involving more than 80,000 accounts. Of those, about 3,000 are overlapping, or “shared” users who may need access to both WVU and WVU Medicine systems.

Information Technology Services is sending separate messages about these changes to those shared users, who include: faculty-physicians, medical residents, University Health Associates, WVU Physicians of Charleston, WVU Dental Corp. and University Healthcare Physicians.

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