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Faculty and staff: Remember to use purchase request form for all technology purchases

All technology purchases made outside of Mountaineer Marketplace Catalogs (Apple and Dell) must be reviewed using the  IT Purchase Request form before a transaction is completed. This longstanding requirement applies to software, hardware and consulting services. The term “software” includes services such as Survey Monkey and other online tools.

Information Technology Service may request additional details, depending on the nature of the purchase. The ITS approval must be attached to the purchase requisition for Procurement to process it. This process is required for anything other than standard configuration Dell or Apple products, including purchases made from NewEgg, CDW-G and B&H Photo. IT review is NOT required for purchases made through Nor is IT review required for the purchase of peripherals such as mice, keyboards, speakers, HDMI cables and webcams.

All software products that anticipate the use of WVU Login credentials must undergo a security review. To be more efficient with University resources, ITS may also recommend a similar product for which WVU is already licensed. Purchases exceeding $5,000 will be forwarded to Procurement for additional review.

The technology review process is designed to help identify trends with purchases, then recommend changes that help ensure the institution is leveraging its bulk buying power efficiently.

These review processes can take some time to complete, so please submit requests for end-of-year spending as soon as possible. Purchases cannot be completed until all reviews are completed and the requestor receives an approval notification.

Please direct questions to