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Faculty and staff: Keep physical offices secured when vacant and be aware of key loggers

Information Technology Services urges all faculty and staff on all WVU campuses to physically secure your offices and computer equipment when not in use, and to be aware of the threat of keyloggers. These are small USB devices that hackers use to record your keystrokes and steal your passwords and other sensitive information.

Keyloggers are easy to covertly install and easy to miss because they are small, and USB ports may be on the back of your desktop computer. Keyloggers are typically installed for a malicious purpose, such as stealing your login credentials and other private data. This can put information on your local computer at risk.

If you find a keylogger on your device, immediately stop using the machine, alert your IT department and await further instructions. Once an IT professional removes the device, it will be analyzed to determine what information was collected and what, if any, actions are necessary.

Here’s a guide to finding proper support:

If your college or department is supported by ITS, immediately contact

Example of a USB keylogger, the size of a small thumb drive.