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WVU employees retiring after Feb. 18 will have access to new retiree email account

Any current, benefits-eligible WVU employee who retires on or after Monday, Feb. 18 will automatically receive access to a new email account with an suffix. This includes employees at the Health Sciences Center, and the Beckley and Keyser campuses. This change does not immediately affect past retirees or Emeritus retirees who have or accounts.

The @retiree accounts won’t require Duo two-factor authentication. Other differences include:

· Passwords don’t expire for two years.

· You won’t have to use when you do change your password.

· You can set up automatic forwarding of email to another account.

Retirees will be notified at their personal, non-WVU address when the @retiree account is available. The notification will come directly from Microsoft. The @retiree account will provide only web-based email and calendar access. You will not be able to download Microsoft Office, but you may download free anti-virus software at

Most retirees will lose access to their University account on their last physical working day. Retirees who want to retain email contacts must export them before that access expires, using these instructions:

Only Emeriti will retain or accounts. Those accounts will continue to require two-factor authentication.

Learn more about retiree email:

Please direct questions about this email service to Direct questions about retiree benefits and services to or visit the Talent and Culture website.