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Cats, Coffee and Cybersecurity: Join ITS Jan. 28 for tips on how to defend your data

Join Information Technology Services for free coffee from 9 a.m. to noon Monday, Jan. 28 in the Mountainlair and get tips from Spy Cat on protecting your nine digital lives. The first “Cats, Coffee and Cybersecurity” event is occurring on Data Privacy Day, but this will be a monthly event through 2019.

Don’t have time to stop by? Follow @StaySafeOnline and their #UpdateMeow campaign, as well as @WVUITServices. And act on at least one of these tips from SpyCat:

  1. Change your WVU Login password if it isn’t a strong password that’s 12 characters long including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters.
  2. Remove information from your social media profiles such as your address, phone number, high school, graduation year and birth date. These can be used to reset your passwords and access other accounts.
  3. Review your current privacy settings for at least one social media account and update, if necessary.
  4. Password-protect your phone and other internet connected devices with a 6-digit PIN.
  5. Review all the third-party apps that are authorized to access your social media account(s) and de-authorize those that no longer need access.
  6. Enable private browsing on your web browser to automatically delete cookies, temporary Internet files and browsing history upon closing a window. This prevents companies from gathering information about your online activities.
  7. Review and delete networks you no longer need Wi-Fi access to, especially any public networks.
  8. Enable two-factor authentication on your personal accounts to provide an extra layer of security.
  9. Set up a Google alert for your name to keep an eye out for what shows up about you online.
  10. Request your annual free credit report and review for unexpected accounts or purchase an identity fraud protection service that will monitor your credit report and review accounts for you on a regular basis.