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Students: You have two ways to log in when you can’t use the Duo Mobile app

If you don’t own a smartphone or your instructor won’t allow phones in class, you can still log into eCampus, MIX and other WVU systems two other ways: Print out 10 passcodes and carry them with you, or purchase a Duo display token to generate codes on demand. 

The printed codes, which you should store in a wallet or another secure location, will also help if your battery dies or you replace your phone. To get them: 

1. Go to
2. Click My Login. Enter your Login credentials, then authenticate with Duo. 
3. After logging in, you'll see a page with your account details. Click Generate Printable Bypass Codes near the bottom of the page. 
4. You will get 10 codes. Each code may be used once. The next one won’t expire until you use it. 

When these 10 codes are used up, you can repeat this process and print 10 more. However, you must have a device registered to your account to generate the codes. 

DON’T use the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes and write them down; those are for immediate use only. As soon as you generate a new one, the previous code expires. 

Duo display tokens cost $25 at any WVU Barnes & Noble bookstore. If purchasing online, search for the words “Duo Digipass” in the top right search box. Frequently Asked Questions are at Need help? Call