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Employees and students should review WVU’s updated email policy to ensure compliance

All employees and students should take a few minutes to review the updated Electronic Mail Policy recently approved by the University Planning Committee. 

Only official email accounts created by either Information Technology Services or Health Sciences ITS may be used to conduct University business. Forwarding a University-issued email to a personal email account is prohibited. 

The new policy also requires cybersecurity training for anyone whose University email account is repeatedly compromised. 

WVU also prohibits the use of a University email account to market unapproved third-party services. The email policy now complements existing WVU policies that prohibit the use of University-owned technology for personal gain or illegal activities. WVU technology also cannot be used to support a personal or other non-University related business, or to transmit Social Security numbers or credit card numbers. 

WVU’s email policy, which was open for public comment in the spring, had not been updated since 2004. These changes reflect current policies and procedures, technological advances and security concerns. 

All University technology policies can be found at: Questions or comments regarding technology policies can be directed to the ITS Information Security team at