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Mountaineer ID card fee policies have changed; most replacements now cost $30

Most Mountaineer ID Card replacements now cost $30, effective July 1, and free cards will be provided only under limited circumstances. As the Mountaineer Card has become more widely used for a broad array of services on and off campus, the costs associated with the card program have also steadily increased. Today’s smart cards, for example, contain a chip and antenna for the required functionality, compared with the older, inexpensive magnetic stripe cards.

Free cards will continue to be provided for: 
• First-time students, transfers from Beckley or Keyser, and students returning after three semesters off; 
• New hires and those who change departments or roles within WVU; 
• People whose cards contain an inherent manufacturing defect; 
• People whose cards are more than 5 years old and won’t function due to normal wear and tear.

The $30 replacement fee will be charged if: 
• Your card is lost or stolen; 
• Your card is visibly damaged and you’ve had it less than five years; 
• You are requesting a legal name change after a qualifying life event, such as marriage, divorce or adoption; 
• You want a new photo.

Learn more, including how departments can arrange to pay for employee cards, online at 
Instead of sharing your Mountaineer ID Card with student workers and others, Information Technology Services recommends that faculty and staff obtain a separate departmental card for routine copying and printing needs. These free cards are secure and convenient, and help you comply with WVU's policy on Acceptable Use of Data and Technology Resources. Request one at

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