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ITS can’t provide free access to Lynda training after Aug. 20; paid licenses are available

Because the terms of our contract with have changed, Information Technology Services must stop providing free access to the online repository of training videos on Aug. 20. Going forward, these annual, non-transferrable licenses must be assigned to individuals. If you want access to Lynda after that date, you will need to work with ITS to purchase a license.

By pooling the buying power of departments and colleges, ITS can negotiate better prices. We anticipate the most you would pay is $275 per year. That’s equates to just $23 per month for unlimited use. That price could drop to as low as $195, or about $16 per month, if we purchase at least 100 licenses.

You will still be able to purchase individual licenses through the ITS Software Licensing (SLIC) program after Aug. 21, but the prices could change.

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