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ITS-supported computers will have hard drives remotely encrypted this summer

As part of the ongoing effort to strengthen security and protect WVU information, all computers supported by ITS will have their hard drives remotely encrypted. This upgrade will begin June 25 and continue throughout the summer. This process will not impact the day-to-day usability of your machine.

On Windows computers, users may be alerted that encryption has started, but the upgrade will take place in the background. On macOS computers, users will be prompted to enable encryption, but they may temporarily delay the required restart.

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New WVU Data Classification Policy available for review and public comment until July 13

Faculty, staff and students can now review and comment on a proposed WVU Data Classification Policy for the next 30 days. The new policy would require that all University data be classified in one of four categories: Sensitive, Confidential, Internal, or Public.  

Sensitive data includes Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, protected health information or protected research data. This kind of information must be protected to comply with state or federal laws or regulations.

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