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IT News will soon be the only way to reach services at

Employees will soon have to use to reach administrative tools such as MyTime (Web Clock, Leave Requests), Pay Statement, Mountaineer Marketplace and MyExpenses. Access to the portal will require both your WVU Login credentials and two-factor authentication.

All staff, including student workers, must enroll in two-factor by 8 a.m. Thursday, May 10. After that deadline, you will be forced to set up two-factor when you try to access a secure system.

Everything currently under the tabs at will be available within the mobile-friendly Portal. Many services are already there. Be aware, though, that while the Portal is mobile-friendly, some services it links to are not. Also, the Notifications you currently see in the upper left corner of MyAccess will NOT be in the Portal.

Faculty, staff and students each see different things in the Portal, depending on their roles. To switch from a Student to Employee role, for example, click the Menu icon in the top left corner. Another key difference is that in MyAccess, you see only what your role entitles you to see; in Portal, you will see tools that you may not need to use.

This shift to the Portal will improve both security and ease of use. It also will restore the ability to log into most systems from off-campus without using Citrix (MasterApps). Off-campus use of MAP, Data Miner and Discoverer Reports will continue to require Citrix for security reasons.

ITS recommends those who have never used the Portal visit it soon. Learn more at Please direct any questions to Information Technology Services at