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All WVU employees must enroll in two-factor authentication by April 27

All employees, including student workers, have until Friday, April 27 to enroll in two-factor authentication, a mandatory security measure that will help WVU protect sensitive and personal information. Two-factor requires you to prove it’s you with two things – something you KNOW and something you HAVE – to gain access to critical systems. 

To enroll, go to on your computer and select “My Login.” Enter your credentials, click “Enroll in Duo 2-Factor” and follow the steps to add your mobile device. Be prepared to download the free Duo Mobile smartphone app during this process. 

If you don’t have a smartphone, speak to your supervisor about hardware alternatives available in Mountaineer Marketplace. Just look for the “2 Factor Hardware” button and complete the forms if you don’t want to use the free Duo Mobile app. Barnes & Noble campus bookstores also sell two-factor hardware and will accept either personal funds or a PCard. It is the PCard holder's responsibility to ensure they are complying with University rules. 

Why is WVU doing this? Passwords can be and are compromised regularly. They’re no longer good enough to protect personal, sensitive or financial information. A data breach could affect both WVU’s finances and reputation, while individuals could also be at risk. Think Equifax. 

Two-factor authentication is increasingly commonplace in many industries. Most people use it every day, even when using a credit or debit card: The PIN is what you KNOW; the chip in the card is what you HAVE. Two-factor is required for industries that handle credit card or financial data, including WVU, and it is a cyber liability insurance requirement. Learn more at