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Defend your data: ITS reminds you to secure all personally identifiable information

Securing Personally Identifiable Information infographicAll employees who work with Personally Identifiable Information such as birthdates, Social Security numbers and banking information must take the following precautions to defend that data from theft or accidental disclosure:
  • Always use a secure WVU system such as STAR or a University network drive. NEVER download this kind of data to a computer, workstation or mobile device. 

  • Never share this kind of information to systems outside WVU or by an unsafe method such as email or instant messaging.
  • Secure unoccupied workstations. Either log off or lock the screen. Configure your computer to automatically lock after sitting idle for 5-10 minutes.  

  • Lock physical files in a cabinet or room when you are not actively using them. 

  • When no longer needed, safely discard personally identifiable information by shredding physical files. Ask your IT department for assistance removing electronic files from University-owned computers. 

Personally identifiable information also includes such data as WVU Login credentials, credit card numbers, birthplace, mother’s maiden name and educational transcripts.

WVU is committed to protecting student and employee data, but security is a shared responsibility. Our practices are guided by the Information Privacy Policy and Sensitive Data Protection Policy. Find more information about policies and procedures related to data privacy and acceptable use of technology at WVU at: Direct questions to