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All WVU employees must enroll in two-factor authentication by Friday, April 27

To help protect the security of WVU information and systems, all employees on all campuses must enroll in two-factor authentication by Friday, April 27. Faculty have already made this transition, and students will be required to use two-factor this fall. For security purposes and cyber liability insurance reasons, no group of staff and no locations are exempt from this initiative.

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security besides your password. It requires you to prove it’s you with two things – something you KNOW and something you HAVE – to gain access to sensitive data. It's no different than a key to a lock: To prove you should get through the door, you need a physical key, not just knowledge of the address.

To enroll, go to and select “My Login.” Enter your credentials, click “Enroll in Duo 2-Factor” and follow the steps to add your mobile device. Be prepared to download the free Duo Mobile smart phone app during this process.

Two-factor authentication is available with Gmail. Your bank or credit card company may text you a code to enter online. Even your debit card uses two-factor: The PIN is what you KNOW, while the chip in the card is what you HAVE.

Setting up Duo Mobile is fast and easy, and nearly 8,800 phones are already enrolled in WVU’s program. The app uses no cellular data, so there is no cost to employees. The use of the phone for authentication is minimal, requiring only a few seconds when you log into a secure system.

If you don’t have a smart phone, speak to your supervisor about hardware alternatives. State and WVU Research Corp. funds may be used with to purchase a Duo display token in Mountaineer Marketplace, with your supervisor’s permission. Just look for the 2 Factor Hardware button. All Barnes & Noble campus bookstores sell devices to people who are using personal funds.

Watch a demonstration video, browse a helpful FAQ and learn more at

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