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Barnes & Noble will begin selling two-factor hardware to people using personal funds March 5

WVU employees and students who want to use personal funds to purchase a two-factor authentication hardware alternative to the free Duo Mobile smart phone app can visit any Barnes & Noble bookstore starting Monday, March 5. All employees on all campuses, including student workers, must be using two-factor by April 27.

The Duo display token, which generates a one-time code at the push of a button, will retail for $24.98. The Yubikey, which requires a USB port and works only with the Chrome browser, will retail for $19.98. ITS walk-up support locations at the Mountainlair and in G-49 of Brooke Tower also carry these devices.

Employees using state or Research Corp. funds for two-factor hardware should use Mountaineer Marketplace.

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security besides your password. It requires you to confirm your identity with two things – something you KNOW and something you HAVE. Two-factor will be required to access any system or application that displays the Central Authentication Service screen and requires you to enter your Login credentials.

Essentially, two-factor is no different than a physical key to a door: If you want access to something WVU considers important, you have to prove it’s you to gain that access. No group of employees is exempt. If you are an employee who doesn’t have a smart phone, speak to your supervisor about the hardware options.

Download the free Duo Mobile app on your smart phone from your app store, then activate your account by visiting, clicking the “My Login” button. You’ll find enrollment instructions, a demonstration video, a helpful FAQ and more at

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