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Employees, students: Slow down, be skeptical of suspicious looking email

An increasing number of WVU employee accounts are being compromised by, then used for phishing scams, or attempts to steal your credentials and personal information. NEVER reply to or click on links in emails that sound suspicious or come from an unexpected or unusual sender, and never supply your Login username or password by email.  Information Technology Services will NEVER ask for your Social Security number, credit card information or WVU credentials by email. Nor will ITS email to ask you to validate or verify your account, or add or clean up storage.  WVU receives over 100 million pieces of spam a month, and ITS blocks most of it, but when there are that many, some are bound to get through. 

The best defense is to be skeptical and examine sender names, addresses and other clues. On mobile devices, slow down before responding, as clues can be easier to miss. You can learn more about how to identify spam and phishing (attempts to steal your personal information) on the ITS website at

When in doubt, please forward suspicious-looking emails as an attachment to