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Defend Your Data: Join Data Privacy Day by signing up for two-factor authentication

With Data Privacy Day coming Jan. 28, now is the perfect time to begin using two-factor authentication. The free Duo Mobile smart phone application is a concrete way that faculty and staff can help protect sensitive and personally identifiable information in WVU systems.

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security besides your password. It requires you to confirm your identity with two things – something you KNOW and something you HAVE.

Download the Duo Mobile from your app store, then activate your account by visiting and clicking the “My Login” button. You’ll find instructions, a demonstration video, a helpful FAQ and more at

You probably don’t leave your home open to strangers, with the windows and front door open. Your online life it just as valuable, and even more vulnerable. In the U.S., home burglary occurs every 20 seconds; identity theft occurs every 2 seconds!

Colleges and universities are common targets for hackers because of the vast amount of information we possess. In the past few years, Harvard University, Penn State, the University of Maryland and North Dakota University all experienced cyber-attacks that compromised university data.

Privacy is our shared responsibility. Show your commitment to data privacy and sign up to use two-factor by Jan. 28. Together, we can create a community that respects privacy, safeguards data and enables trust. Learn more on the ITS data privacy page.