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ITS offers affordable storage solution through Research Data Depot

WVU researchers now have access to a fast, reliable and secure centralized storage system through Information Technology Services. Researchers can easily access files in the Research Data Depot from the Spruce Knob HPC cluster and their desktop computers via a network share, Globus Online or SFTP. This service allows researchers to not just store their data, but to share it with both internal and external collaborators.

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Mountaineer ID cards for visitors will only carry name, department and visitor label

To ensure consistency and eliminate an unnecessary burden on staff, Mountaineer ID cards issued to visitors must display only the person’s name, sponsoring department and a “Visitor” label. Information Technology Services won’t publish titles such as “PhD Candidate,” “Visiting Medical Rotator” or “Visiting Scientist” on these ID cards.

This practice mirrors how ITS has long handled employee cards: Only name and department are printed. Faculty and staff who are sponsoring an official WVU Courtesy account should advise the recipient that position titles won’t be printed.

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Faculty: Free VoiceThread and Respondus webinar training is now available

Faculty interested in learning about eCampus tools can now receive training without leaving their desks. VoiceThread and Respondus offer webinars on a regular basis, allowing you to choose the time that’s convenient for product demonstrations. The webinars typically last an hour, with extra time allotted for questions.

VoiceThread is an application that facilitates creation, sharing and discussion of presentations, documents and more. To sign up for an upcoming webinar, visit

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Employees: Use to reach MyAccess from off-campus locations

The way WVU employees reach from off-campus locations has changed: All faculty, staff and student workers may now reach services such as MyTime and Leave Requests through MasterApps (Citrix), a browser-based service that lets you connect securely. Instructions are on the ITS help site.

If you are a supervisor who often approves time sheets and leave requests from off campus, we recommend you install this service as soon as possible on your laptop or home computer.

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MyAccess, MyTime and Leave Request System will only be available on WVU campuses

Faculty, staff and students will only be able to use MyAccess, MyTime and the Leave Request System on all WVU campuses after Thursday, Oct. 12. Information Technology Services is making this change to improve our ability to protect University data.

Access will be limited to hard-wired computers and wireless access using the WVU.Encrypted network. Citrix (MasterApps) users who currently have access to these systems should be unaffected.

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