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Students: Don’t share your Mountaineer Card or your Login credentials with anyone

As we near the end of another semester, Information Technology Services reminds all students that sharing Mountaineer Cards with anyone, including friends and family, is not permitted. If you’re caught sharing the cards, you risk having them confiscated.

Neither are you permitted to share your WVU Login password with parents, fellow students or others, even if it is to deposit money into your Mountie Bounty account.

To do that, they can log into and look for “Ask for Mountie Bounty.” This will generate a one-time link for depositors to use. Parents and others may also send you funds by visiting and clicking the “Parent/Guest Add Mountie Bounty” button. 

The person adding funds should enter your username ONLY. Again, do not provide your password. System users do not need it, and sharing your password is a violation of University policy

Employees of Dining Services and other University departments may confiscate any ID card they see that is being used by someone other than the rightful owner and return it to ITS.

 Learn more about your Mountaineer Card at