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Faculty volunteers needed to participate in pilot of new test scanning service

Information Technology Services is seeking faculty volunteers to help pilot a new test scanning service this fall. Instructors of classes with fewer than 100 students are needed because smaller class sizes will make it easier to analyze data.

You will be able to print answer forms and scan completed tests using a local Managed Printing copier (Bizhub). You no longer have to drop off tests for scanning and pick them up for distribution.

Colleges and students will save money because they don’t have to purchase pre-printed bubble forms. Students will save 23-29 cents per form using MyPrinting, while colleges and departments will save 29-32 cents per form using Managed Printing.

The new process is similar to the current scanning service:

  • Download and print an answer sheet from our website. Complete the answer sheet as you always have to make your answer key.
  • Send students a link to the answer sheet template you are using so they can print their copies. (This service offers two different answer sheet templates that can be downloaded from our website.)
  • After the test has been administered, complete the same test scanning request form that you currently use. (
  • Organize your packet and visit your Bizhub copier. Push a button to scan your test packet to us. Your test will be automatically scanned into a secure network folder.
  • ITS staff will process the packet and deliver the same reports you currently receive through encrypted email.

Participants in the pilot will be able to provide valuable feedback about whether the new process is easier and more convenient, and whether it satisfied students. ITS also welcomes input on the number of answer templates to be used.

To participate, instructors will need access to a network-connected Bizhub copier from Printing and Copier Services. The copier must be set up to communicate with an Active Directory network file share, which any department or college IT support staff can manage.

Please reply JC Doll if you are interested in participating or have questions.