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Some WVU Medicine employees may not be receiving emails from WVU+kc

If you are a WVU Medicine employee who uses WVU+kc, you may not be receiving email notices from the system. Information Technology Services is actively working to address this problem, but recommends in the meantime that you log into WVU+kc and check for any pending requests that need to be addressed.

Many WVU Medicine users have recently informed ITS their email address in WVU+kc are incorrect and they have not received any system-generated email notices.

As part of WVU Medicine integration with WVU Login, the address format created after October 2015 was set to

Users with the old WVU Medicine address format of are to have the added to their accounts as a valid address. That will allow the receipt of emails sent to either address.

The ITS Identity and Access Management group is actively working with WVU Medicine IT to address cases where users do not have both email formats associated with their account in the WVU Medicine system. Until this occurs, some people whose primary email address is may not receive email notifications from WVU+kc.

If you have a WVU Medicine email address and are expecting to receive email notifications (such as to approve an IRB protocol or proposal), we recommend that you periodically log in to WVU+kc and refer to your News Feed alerts section until ITS sends a follow-up notification that this issue has been resolved.

Not all and email addresses are currently affected. If you see that your or email address is incorrect in WVU+kc, please contact the ITS Service Desk at, 304-293-4444, or ITS Self-Help to have your address updated.