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Faculty: Please do not include SSNs or other personal data in eCampus

WVU instructors should not require students to supply Social Security Numbers, birthdates or any other personally identifiable information on coursework submissions, particularly when it is submitted through eCampus. This sensitive information presents a risk to students or the subjects of student research and assignments; they could become the victims of fraud or identity theft if that data were compromised. 

Faculty may use WVUID numbers to identify students, as those numbers have no meaning outside the context of University systems. SSNs should not be requested or required on either paper or eCampus submissions.

WVU’s Social Security Number Protection Policy provides guidance on this issue. In addition, the policy on Acceptable Use of Data and Technology Resources requires all University employees to respect the privacy of others and to handle sensitive or personally identifiable data securely.

Please direct any questions or concerns to, or contact if you would like some guidance on how to use best practices in the course of your instruction.