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New Clutter feature in Outlook email will be turned off June 3; can be reactivated

The automatic use of Clutter, a mailbox sorting feature in Office 365, will be turned off after the close of business Friday, June 3 in an attempt to better serve faculty, staff and student workers. This change will NOT affect users at the Health Sciences Center.

Users may click here to learn about and/or restore access to Clutter. Information Technology Services can help reactivate Clutter if you contact us at, 304-293-4444 or create a ticket at

When disabled by default, Clutter will retain any emails currently in your Clutter folder. All new emails will go to your Inbox.

Clutter collects email that is not necessarily spam or junk, but does not appear to be as important to you as other daily mail. When you move messages in and out of the Clutter folder, the software learns what matters to you and will begin sorting the mail based on your actions. Microsoft turned this service ON by default, which caused a range of issues for users. Going forward, its use will be optional.