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Researchers: Learn about DiaGrid’s high-throughput computing capabilities May 16

All University researchers and faculty are invited to attend a demonstration of DiaGrid, a free tool that provides easy web-based access to software applications used worldwide. Carol Song, senior research scientist at Purdue University, will lead the presentation 9-10 a.m. Monday, May 16 in the Laurel Room at the Mountainlair. 
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DiaGrid provides high-throughput computing (HTC) via an easy to use web gateway.  DiaGrid can make thousands of processors available for tasks able to take advantage of a large processor pool, including Monte Carlo simulations and parameter sweeps.

Developed at Purdue, the Diagrid Science as a Service platform, supports an extensive array of tools designed to encourage collaboration and content sharing. Each hub is more than a repository of information; it is a place where researchers can share data and simulation tools online. With an ordinary web browser, users get access to powerful graphical tools that support visualization and comparison of results. Learn more at