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PC users should upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 if it was not remotely installed April 22

If you did not receive the Internet Explorer 11 update on your PC over the weekend and are still showing Internet Explorer 9, please follow the steps below to update your computer. Information Technology Service is deploying IE11 to help ensure all users have the latest security fixes, and to help to streamline support and compatibility. Browser settings such as bookmarks and favorites will NOT be lost.

  1. Left click on the Start menu and type "Windows Update" into the search field. Choose the Windows Update service when it appears.
  2. If the update for IE 11 is already listed, please reboot the computer to finish the installation.
  3. If the update for IE 11 is not listed, please click the button to check for updates.
  4. If the update does not download, please submit a ticket through the ITS Service Desk, email or call 304-293-4444 for assistance.