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Instructors can copy content of previous courses into summer eCampus course shells

Summer 2016 course shells are available in eCampus, and faculty now have the option to add content from previously taught courses. Just follow the instructions below and contact if you need assistance.

If you need to enroll a Teaching Assistant enrollment or create a new development shell, please make those requests in the eCampus Request System (eRS) at Default templates are NOT automatically applied to course shells, and faculty will no longer need to submit copy content through eRS.

There are now three ways to set up course content:

1. Instructors or course builders may import the default course template that will provide a basic menu structure. Click here for detailed instructions: Importing the Default Course Template as a Package.

2. Instructors or course builders may copy content from a prior course or current course. Click here for instructions: Copying Content.

3. Import content from a course package (from a downloaded course copy file). Click here for instructions: Exporting and Importing Course Packages.

This information can also be found under the “Resources” tab at the top of the eCampus page after logging in.

Faculty should continue to use the eRS system for:

  • Requesting content from a different instructor's course. (The instructor or department chair who owns the content will need to send approval by email to eCampus for you to use their course content.)
  • Requesting a new Development Shell
  • Requesting a new Collaborate Session
  • Enrolling a TA in your course
  • Enrolling a student making up an incomplete as an Auditor in your course

Please direct questions to ITS Service Desk at (304) 293-4444 or, or use self-service by going to